Block And Frame Work

Block work

We thoroughly clean the concrete block walls or concrete ceiling slab of all dirt, dust and loose mortar. We scrub the wall/ceiling with a stiff-bristled brush and wire brush on any rough spots. Clean off white powdery deposits, called efflorescence, with an acid-based masonry cleaner if required. Scrape off any loose or peeling paint from a previously painted wall. Clean grease or oily spots. If the stain mark is still evident, blocking primer is applied.

Specialists paints are used, which will adhere to the ceiling/walls including any services which require painting, ie, (galvanised ducting, pipes, conduit, etc) which will provide a hard surface that won’t be easily chipped or scratched. If spraying onto a galvanised surface the use of a multi-surface paint is essential.

You just choose the colour.

Aluminium/PVC framework

Spraying of framework to warehouse units, Offices and shopfront, windows, doors, shutters and curtain walling. We offer a durable professional quality solution for internal and external locations. The coatings used are extremely fast drying and have a look and feel like a factory applied powder coated finish. with our shopfront spraying process we can make your framework look new again.

You just choose the colour.